The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, December 31, 2015


 The Fischer's came to visit!  The Fischer's came to visit!!  For New Year's Bryatt and Theresa told their kids they were driving to Tucson to have dinner.  HAHA!  They did have dinner there and then continued on to El Paso where the oldest 2 said it was too long of a drive just for dinner! :)  They were very happy when they realized the drive was not for nothing and they were coming here instead!  These kids are so sweet together!  Alexis is like a little mini mom to Addi.  David and Linc are BEST FRIENDS AND COUSINS (according to David.) And Kon, Ryan, and Alexis play so well together!  Not to mention Theresa brought the "kids" Christmas gifts that were actually gifts for me because they were matching outfits for all the kids!  Yep my ideal gift!
No idea what David was doing.

The sweet girls!

All the kiddos!

And the reality of trying to get 6 kids to smile for some pictures.

And then my camera became Addison's paparazzi.  We can't help it.  That girl is just so cute.  She basically gets away with murder...

Loving/smothering tucker.

Standing and coloring on the desk.

Standing on the kitchen table.  Doesn't matter she's too cute to tell no. :) *side note: she does actually get in trouble.  Mostly when her mom sees her thought not me...

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