The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, December 27, 2015


As happy as the kids were with the snow at Christmas they were even happier with what came the next night!  More snow!  Now I'm not a snow fan.  Or a cold fan.  Everyone knows this about me.  BUT when we don't have anywhere to go and it's El Paso so we know it's not going to be sticking around long I can be happy for my kids to get to play in some snow!  Saturday night it started coming down.  I thought it would be all but gone Sunday so we stayed up letting them play in it while it was still coming down!  They made a little mini snowman and snow angels and had a great time.  What we woke up to the next morning was a good 8 more inches of snow!  We were in and out most of the day coming in only to drink some hot chocolate and dry our clothes and shoes!  The best part?  It was pretty much gone 2 days later. :)

Their mini snowman!

Snow angel while the snow was still falling.

David and his little rosy cheeks!

The next day...

Ready to go in front and play in the fresh snow!

3 happy McBride children.

David kept eating it. HAHA!

Thank goodness we had gone to Santa Fe for Thanksgiving because even though it didn't snow when we were there we were prepared with mittens and hats and warm coats.  We did not have boots so we played it ghetto style with bags on our shoes!


Their little bit bigger mini snowman the  next day! :)

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