The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, December 4, 2008


SANTA!! Today we took the kids to see Santa! I was so happy that neither of my kids cried (or Cristine's kids for that matter!) This Santa was super sweet although he had a hard time with his mustache. It was so nice b/c we were able to make appointments so we did them right after nap plus no standing in line. Alexis was still a little standoffish but she still told Santa what she wanted for Christmas (a car guess I need to go find some sort of car that will make her happy.) Ryan was as sweet as can be and we all had fun seeing Santa. :)

Happy Girl.

Okay I'll hug him for a candy cane! :)

All 4 kids (don't you love Eric just lounging on Santa he was perfectly content!)

The sweet babies!

Our sweet little girls!


Price Family Adventure!!!! said...

Your girls are so adorable.

Cristine said...

I'm so glad none of the kids cried! Now to find a car for Lex... hee hee!

Millers! said...

Ok, seriously cute cute cute kids!! Dont you have a picture of Lexie in the same snow suit in the snow? I love Ryans eyes, they just pop! great pictures, I am glad you are posting more!!!!

Conforti Family said...

how cute! You can tell they are definitely sisters! I miss Germany, we hope to one day go back. Hope you guys are doing well!