The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, December 21, 2008


I love that Alexis is getting old enough to teach her about Christmas. We have been talking about Christmas a little bit and she will now tell you that Christmas celebrates Jesus' birth. She will also tell you that Mary was his mother. She is picking stuff up so well and I'm so excited and proud. I have also been having SOO much fun doing all the great Christmas crafts with her this year and I'm so glad she loves this stuff! (Of course all the candy eating probably doesn't hurt!) So we did gingerbread houses yesturday. No we didn't use actual gingerbread, we went the easy route GRAHAM CRACKERS!! We also did our trees with waffle cones and marshmellow snowmen. Alexis and Anya had so much fun.

Okay we're all ready to start!

The roof is getting a good start!

Concentrating HARD!!

Almost done (note the now MESSY face and yes she still has candy IN her mouth! :) )

Me and my girls!

Proud of their finished houses!

Here's what Ryan was doing!

She is SUCH a cheese! As soon as she saw the camera this is what she did.

Hanging out after we were done. (I can't get this flipped and I'm too tired to worry about it! Just turn your head to the side...)

They fight like sisters but they are also so sweet like sisters.
A couple of other notes... I was just called to serve as our branch Primary President!! I am so excited! I've loved serving as a counselor and I love these kids. I have so many ideas and I can't wait to get started. So far we've only called the 1st counselor but I have the others in mind and they are all wonderful women. I am so excited to serve with them!
We also booked our plane tickets for AZ!!! We should be there on the 30th of January and we will be there till the 3rd of March! I'm excited to see everyone so put me on your calendars!!
Merry Christmas everyone. Those who I won't get to see I will miss and I hate being so far away sometimes but we are looking forward to a wonderful Christmas Day with our family and friends. Have a GREAT Christmas week.


Cristine said...

What a fun, fun day!!! My favorite pic is of Lexie and Anya reading on the couch! They are such sweet friends!

And, by the way, for anyone else reading this... Eric just finished eating sweet potatoes so that is why his onesie is so dirty! :)

Our Family said...


I love to see how your girls have grown and oh my gosh what a great Primary President you will be! Lucky kids. I didnt get to see you last time you were here so PLEASE be sure to make a day or squeeze me in I really want to see you. Merry Christmas.