The McBride's

The McBride's

Monday, December 28, 2009


Just had to post the Christmas dresses. I swear these girls are so goofy! The first picture they are dancing to the end of show and the second I just thought was cute b/c Ryan even has her legs crossed like Lex! :) Sweet sisters! Oh and THANK YOU Tori for the bows and Traci for the braclets! SO LUCKY to have talented Sister-in-laws!! :)


Cristine said...

Your girls are so goofy! :) Love the dresses!

(When do we get to see the park?)

Brad and Erica said...

Ryan is such a cheeser! I still can't get Anni to even acknowledge the camera. Maybe that is what I get for having the camera out so much. The girls look beautiful in their dresses.

Millers! said...

Love the pictures, the dresses are gorgeous, just like your daughters! Love you

The Grows said...

Man, I missed this one too. How did I miss two posts. Anyway, your girls are so cute in the Christmas dresses.