The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Okay had to post what a dork I am!! I kept thinking wow no one is commenting on my blog. Is anyone READING my blog? I mean I'm going to keep posting b/c I think it's fun and then I realized OOPS I set it up so I had to moderate comments now! HA HA!!!! So thank you for all the comments and sorry I didn't get respond to some of them. I LOVE getting comments so seriously thank you for not making feel like a loser who's blog nobody reads.

On Christmas Eve we went over to our friends the Flynn's. We knew the Flynn's back in Germany and we are SOOO grateful that they are here to help us get used to being back stateside. Their tradition for Christmas Eve is to order a pizza and have hot doctor pepper. Now if you are like me, you may be thinking ummm gross. DP belongs over LOTS AND LOTS of ice (preferably Sonic ice.) I decided to go with it and it was really good. You basically simmer it with slices of lemon and it tastes like a sweet tea. We had a lot of fun over there and we were more than happy to all participate in a tradition we both had of Christmas jammies! I wish I got more pics of the adults or even of their new baby Caed. We had a blast. Thanks Flynns!

Getting ready to go. Ryan had just stopped crying b/c I took a pic of Lex w/o her. Seriously, that's why she was crying.

Unwrapping her one Christmas Eve present.

Showing off her new p.j.'s

Decorating cookies

Kiera and Ryan

All of us in our Christmas pajamas.


Brad and Erica said...

Awww... so cute in the Christmas jammies. I am so glad that you have a friend there -- it must make the transition much easier. Thanks for being such a blogging fool, as well. I love seeing new posts! (I promise, I'll post something soon...)

Cristine said...

HA HA HA about the comments! I kept wondering why you weren't approving my comments. :)

Great pics and I am so glad you have the Flynns close by!

The Grows said...

I love all the Christmas picuters. that is so funny that Ryan got mad. I am glad that you have some friends their to play with since you no longer have you Baumholder family so close.

Millers! said...

Fun pictures, cute jammies! Love your family.. miss you!