The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, January 8, 2011


I just absolutely love her. Tonight I was trying to get a good "bath picture with out being all nakey and exposed" for a project I'm finally getting around to. I got so many adorable/wierd/goofy/crazy shots of her. She is such a good girl. She is at the age where she still LOVES no seriously ADORES homework and chores. She is the most helpful big sister (today I had to tell her she doesn't get to spank Ryan when Ryan doesn't listen to her HA.) She is a 100% Army kid. Today she kept telling us about the MFLAC people. Mine and Trav's questions followed by her answers:
"Are they real people?" YES they have peach skin like me
"Where do they live?" Here like us
"Immigrants?" NO MFLAC
"They live in GA?" Yes every 3 months.
"They come every 3 months?" Yep.
"Indians?" *while giving us you guys are crazy looks* NO MFLAC
"Did you talk to them?" No they talked to us.
"DId you read about them?" No they talked to us.
Okay this went on for a while. We finally THINK we figured out that she is talking in accronyms. At her school they have these Military LIfe Consultant people that come in and out every few months. They are like counselors just for the military. I'm pretty sure they just told the kids the accronym. Ya another, you know your kid is an Army brat when, moment.
She is an absolute sweetheart. Always available to snuggle or talk or read books. I recently decided to try reading a chapter book with her. We are almost to Chapter 3 of The Secret Garden and I'm not joking she LOVES it. I think part of it may be b/c it's on my Kindle and she thinks it's fun to read on mom's gadget (heck I still think it's fun to read on mom's gadget!) But she is enjoying it and I ask her questions every once in a while since it's definitely not 5 year old vocab but she knows what's going on.
Just thought I would share the love I have in my heart for my oldest child. I adore her and honestly love when she gets to be home from school. I know this is totally random and that's ok. It's just on my mind and in my heart right now. :)


The Grows said...

Oh the life of an army kid. She is so cute. I sure miss her. That is so fun taht you are starting to read a chapter book with her. She is just getting so big.

Cristine said...

Cute pic of Lexie! I love her so much, too!!!!!!

Millers! said...

That is so sweet... that is hilarious with the acronyms.. LOL! I am so sad its been so long since I have seen her:( she is so big! So glad you have amazing daughters you deserve it!

Trishelle said...

Such a sweetie!! She and my Little C. ought to get together the next time we're in GA. I'm sure they'll be great pals!

"The Secret Garden" is one of our faves!! Beautiful story with a beautiful message!!