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The McBride's

Monday, January 24, 2011


I put Ryan on the wait list for the pre-school program a few months ago and she was number 22! Which was no big deal bc I wasn't in a hurry I just wanted to get her into something a couple days a week for her sake (and a little for mine! :) ) They finally called me last week and said she could start! She was SOOO excited to go to school just like Alexis and I had to really explain that it wasn't the same school as Alexis. Luckily, she seemed fine with that. We went in Thursday for orientation and to meet her teacher and she was VERY excited. Today was her first day and she LOVED it. She kept talking about her friends, and playing, and doing gymnastics (another plus, she has the same gymnastic teacher and it's at the same place she will just do it during school instead of in the afternoon.) She told me all about her lunch and going potty in the big kid potty. She was so happy and I had a nice few hours for errands. She will be going Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:30-12:30.

Posing with Alexis before Alexis went to school.

All ready to go. She looks SOOOO big to me!

At school excited to play. I had to post both b/c I think you can tell especially in the first picture that she was a LITTLE nervous but she still cheesed for me in the second. They said she did great with no problems at all and that she was quite the star in gymnastics. I can't believe how big Ryan is. I love this little girl.


Cristine said...

She looks so big!!!! Glad she had a good time!

Trishelle said...

Soooooo cute, Monica!! Your girls are going to have so much fun!! And as a bonus, you get to have some mommy time!! The world is your oyster, girl!

Kerry McBride said...

And WHEN did she get so big????!!! I'm missing everything! She really needs to be a big sister ;)

The Grows said...

So cute. Can you believe it out little babies are growing up. With Xander being born and Ryan going to school it just makes them seem even older. Enjoy you extra alone time. I bet it will be great.