The McBride's

The McBride's

Friday, August 24, 2012


In the military you definitely get used to "see you laters" you're just not always sure WHEN you will see each other later!  The U'Rens were part of our "bus stop mafia" (yes that's what we named ourselves don't be jealous.)  They moved back in May to Ft Bragg NC.  Lori PROMISED me they would come visit before her oldest Max started school.  I'm SOOOO glad she kept her promise.  Max is Lexi's age and they get along great but Jakey and Ryan are the sweetest friends.  Ryan was beyond thrilled Jake was here.  They were only going to stay for 6 days and ended up staying for 9.  It was a ton of fun and we pretty much did absolutely nothing. :)  I didn't take nearly enough pictures but I got a couple dang cute ones of Ryan and Jake.  Lori has already promised they're coming one more time before we move and I am trying to see if maybe we can get to them one time too.
This was the norm.  Snuggling watching a movie.  Trav wasn't thrilled with it! :)

These 3 are great little buddies.  The 3 younger kids slept over here and Lex, Ayden and Max slept at Emily's.  I love how Ry and Jake have headlamps on.  In the middle of the night Ryan came in to tell me she had no where to sleep. I went in and found Jake and Brady sideways on the bed.  So I scooted Brady over a little and Ryan slept next to him the rest of the night.  HAHA.  So cute!  Oh and don't worry Emily had Lexi sleep in a different room.  She is getting  a little too old for girl/boy sleepovers at least in the same bed. :)


Cristine said...

The headlamps are hilarious! So glad you have such great friends in GA!

Brad and Erica said...

Love the headlamps! And what cute friends!

Sew Blessed said...

Just saw this post!!! Love and miss you guys so much!