The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, January 17, 2013


While we were in AZ I decided Thanksgiving would be a fun time for David to have his first solid food!  Since Travis was going hunting with his Dad on the day of Thanksgiving we did it on McBride Thanksgiving 2 days ahead. :)  He did eventually like the rice cereal and now a month and a half later he LOVES to eat!  Anything really but so far his faves seem to be avocado, banana, and butternut squash!  The best part was the audience he had.
Hmmm what is this?

Not sure he likes it.

I promise he DID end up liking it.  He ate his whole bowl.

And here is his audience!  HAHA.  Anya, Eric, Brookie J, Ryan, Pyper, Lex, and Tay.  They all loved it.

Full baby!


Melody said...

That is so cute! I wonder if he was confused as to why he was the center of so much attention. This made me LOL literally.

The Grows said...

The Audience is totally the best part. Lol.