The McBride's

The McBride's

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I just hate the Army sometimes.  A friend wrote this on Facebook and I'm going to paraphrase because this is exactly how I feel! She said, I wish I could take all the people I have met and loved at all my different duty stations and have them follow me all around.  We'll have our own community in Hawaii. That last part was definitely my add it.  I LOVE Hawaii and think this would be a great place to set up my community!! HA! 
We had to say good bye to quite a few people when THEY left GA.  But leaving Nic and Dak, and Emily, Bryan, Ayden and Brady was NOT cool.  There were tears.  Lots of tears.  I have been so truly blessed with the wonderful people I have gotten to call my friends.  Laessle Family we are still hoping for the possibility of an Hawaii PCS.  Dicenzo Family if you insist on moving to TX I am ready for a visit ASAP!!!!
Dak and Lex.  Sweetest friends playing with Nic's phone! 

Ryan and Nic 2 peas in a pod!  I hope she doesn't kill me for posting this picture but I LOVE it!

Sleepover!  Thank you Nic for letting us crash at your house for the last week!!

LOVE these girls so much I am posting this pic even though I look terrible!  That's love! :)

Lexi, Ayden, and Dak.  HAHA These 3 crack me up!

I mean these are some stinking awesome kids!!

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The Grows said...

I wish I could take them with me too.