The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, January 13, 2013


I thought about just starting clean on my blog instead of trying to play catch up but I really love having everything on-line in one place of everything we've gotten to do and I know if you're looking at my blog you appreciate the catch up so we're going all the way back to Halloween...

Alexis is the one that came up with the m&m idea.  She said out of the blue one day she REALLY wanted to be the red m&m... Followed by Ryan also wanting to be an m&m.  While searching on-line I found a baby m&m costume and then the adult costumes and although Travis and I are not the "dressing up types" I couldn't resist!  So the kids were m&m's and Trav and were the bags!  So fun. :)  The kids had a great Halloween!  We went trunk or treating with the ward and then on the 31st we went around the neighborhood.  We started out with Ayden, Brady, Dak, and Rishi and at one point we ended up with about double that amount of kids! :)  I truly love Halloween now that I have kids!

The M&M family.

Sweet baby's first Halloween!
I have the best kids!

The group we started with.

The group we ended up with! :)

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You look delicious!!