The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


On one of the dates Trav and I went on he wanted to check out this natural lagoon over by the man made lagoons we usually go to.  We went over there and snorkeled and thought it was PERFECT for the kids.  We wanted to take them the very next day but Ryan ended up being sick.  Trav decided to go ahead and just take Lex and she LOVED it as well.  The day after that Ryan felt better so Trav took her on her own daddy/daughter date and finally remembered to take a camera!!!  Perfect day too b/c while the coolest part of this lagoon is there are 3 turtles that are usually there (at different parts of the day) the day Ryan went there was also a Hawaiian Monk Seal.  The nice thing is there are tons of fish to see while snorkeling and it's not a very busy beach!  We now try to go here as often as we can (although it's hard b/c parking is really hard to get!)  The kids love to play in the tide pools and collect hermit crabs, tiny fish and whatever else they can find.  Such a great beach!
Ryan by the sign and if you look in the very back you can see the monk seal.

Close up of the Monk Seal.  Monk seals are actually endangered so it's amazing the amount of times we have gotten to see them up close.

Oh what's that? you know just an awesome turtle swimning around.

Oh ya she's just swimming with it.

Can not believe we live here! :)

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