The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


 Travis had to go to the field last month just for the weekend (and he sent me pictures of his "field time" with his ocean view!)  I really wanted to do something fun with the kids that was different than our norm but all the outdoors/hiking stuff is a little hard for me by myself with 3 kids so I looked up the Children's Discover Center.  I honestly think this may be my favorite indoor kids place EVER!  All 3 kids had the best time.  Such a good time we all forgot about lunch! (We got there before 11 and didn't leave till after 2!)  No one complained once.  Considering the age range of my kids I think that's pretty perfect!  We will be going back.

What will our kiddos be when they grow up??

Maybe they will be Optometrists?

Or will the theater call their name? (I got the CUTEST video of them putting on their play!)

Lexi was an excellent weather girl.

Professional shopper?  Or maybe a mommy shopping for her family?
A sweet cashier at the grocery store?

Maybe they'll be mechanics (and help mom out b/c no matter how much my dad tried to teach me I'm still not sure I could ACTUALLY change a time.) Also this was my favorite b/c I didn't show Ryan what to do she just slid right on under the car.

Honestly?  Cutest little firefighters with their dalmation puppy EVER!
Firefigher David went right down the pole!


Mail Carriers?

Honorable Judge Alexis

Honorable Judge Ryan (this was her serious face!)

Librarian? Writer?  Editor?  Just book lovers??


Little farmers (one of David's fave picking pineapple and putting them in the bucket.)

Pilots ready for take off (they also tried out being flight attendants)

Captain McBride x 2

Little lei makers if we stay in Hawaii!
Or maybe they'll just turn into sea stars! HA!

We had so much fun together!  This was the best one I could get of all of us...
One of the baby sections and David thought this tube was HILARIOUS!

He also really enjoyed going down the just his size slide!

There was an all around the world secction and this was the only picture I got but the girls enjoyed going to India, Japan, China, and a bunch more!

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