The McBride's

The McBride's

Friday, July 5, 2013


School's... out... for... summer!!!!  I'm going to teach you about how to spend the first week of summer vacation Best Friend/Hawaii Style!
First, you must go to Wamea Bay and strike poses Y.M.C.A. style.  The waves are non-existint at the North Shore in the summer so the kids can get in and SWIM!
While at Wamea Bay you must have a kicking water at each other fight (followed by a run for the car b/c it is now POURING rain!)
After the rain has stopped and you've eaten lunch in the car you need to go to Motsumotos for shave ice b/c it would not be summer in Hawaii without some shave ice!
You also need to go exploring in some tide pools.

You should find a LOT of hermit crabs (but make sure if you find a cool shell there is no crab in it before sticking it in your purse and taking it home and committing hermit crab murder like poor innocent Cristine did!)

You must all look in the same place b/c there is clearly not enough space to look for said hermit crabs! :)

Oh ya you have to find a turtle.  No Summer vacation in Hawaii would be complete without a turtle sighting (or 3!)

If you're a boy you must practice your karate moves while at the lagoon/tide pool area and if you're a young girl you should practice your modeling skills.  If you don't like gender specific roles feel free to switch it up!

And you MUST get beautiful pictures like this one Cristine took because you are, afterall, in Paradise with your best friends and chances like this may be once in a lifetime!!!!

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Love times a million!!!!!!