The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, July 27, 2013


The girls enjoy hiking.  They really ask when we're going on our next hike.  But, sometimes during our hikes they forget how much they like it...  Lexi is usually a trooper but Ryan is only 5.  She asks often to take a break.  She gets a drink, sits for a second, and is ready to go (Shout out to Keri and family for the monkey water bottle holders they are PERFECT for the kids!)  Travis helps her by telling her, "what are we making?"  To which they answer, "strong LEGS!"  It's really cute.  Ryan actually prefers the muddy hikes or the rocky hikes where she is a self proclaimed, "monkey girl."  This hike was more of an uphill gravel road so we stopped often and she really did troop on and at the end when we got to play in the waterfalls she had more than enough energy to splash around!  This hike was Hamama Falls.  The scenery was gorgeous and the waterfall at the end was breathtaking.  We loved this one and there was only one other group at the falls when we got there and one that got there right as we were leaving. 

They spotted the waterfall!

It just doesn't do it justice...

David didn't get to swim but he had to get in on a picture!

Coolest trees!

Hiking girls.

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