The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Theresa and I decided one day while in AZ to take the kids to Bounce U.  It's perfect for the kids to play (in air conditioning, critical in AZ) and Theresa and I can do our favorite thing; talk.  I knew they would all love it and they sure did!!  Just an FYI Theresa is 36 weeks this week!  Baby #3 will be here very soon!  Now if someone can just figure out how to get that baby here to Hawaii I will be happy... 
Lex spent quite a bit of time trying to get to the top of this.  I tried thinking it would be easy but you have to wear socks so you basically just slide right down!

Ryan sliding down.

He's got quite the little arm!

Go Kon!

About to make contact!

This was the ONLY non-blurry picture I had of Linc.  I think David is busy until I'm around Lincoln!


Couldn't get the girls out of this area where they were shooting balls back and forth to people on the other side!

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