The McBride's

The McBride's

Monday, October 20, 2014


Of course we had to do a luau while Nic was here and I wanted to try one we haven't done yet so we stuck close to home and tried out the Paradise Cove Luau which is just up the street from us at Ko Olina.  I am so glad we went to this one with Nic and Dak because it was perfect for us and kids the ages of Dak, Lex, and Ryan.  We ended up going one night and getting to do all the fantastic activities they had but right when they were about to start dinner it started POURING.  Not just a little bit of rain but dumping gallons at a time rain.  We got rain checks and headed home a little bummed but we had a lot of fun and then we went back the next day to finish our luau!  I really loved this luau and it was a great time with the 5 of us!!
First in line waiting to go in!

Love these 3!

We made those headbands!  They had lots of activities which is why I really liked it!

Ry and her umbrella hat!

Showing their tats AKA my favorite picure ever! 

Lexi getting her tattoo.  My favorite part was when they asked her where she was from and she looks at me, shrugs her shoulders and says, "I don't know."  HAHA Poor military kid has no idea what to say!

Necklaces, headbands, braclents, tattoos, a perfect day for my girls!

Learning the poi balls!

Canoe ride!

Paddling out to the open ocean! (Don't worry they had a tour guide!)

Throwing spears!

Oh you knew Nic was getting in on that!

Ryan and Daks turn.  Dak got a bullseye of course and the crowd got so excited for him!

Up on stage to get their hula lesson!  Love Dak's face!

Certificate of Hula! ;)

This is why it worked out well that we went back!  The kids DIED geting to hold these birds!  They were so cute!!

FYI I LOVE this girl!!

Proof of a fabulous night!

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