The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, October 23, 2014


This sweet baby boy turned 2!!  Everyone will ask how he is or compared to the girls what kind of a toddler is he...  He is actually a pretty easy kid and although he CAN be stubborn he is usually be pretty easy going...  He is however, WAYYYYY busier than either of the girls.  He is always doing something and sometimes it's ok and sometimes he's making a mess.  I've had to re-organize my house a few times and he has yet to sit for even one whole show (of anything I swear I've tried every toddler show out there!)  I know I know he shouldn't be watching too much t.v. anyways but ONE show??  It's really not too much to ask?! ;)  He is a fun and entertaining little boy.  He keeps the girls and I laughing constantly and he knows it!  We love our David!!
I decided I just wanted a small party since we were leaving to head to Arizona and I didn't want to do a big party there because it's always so crazy as it is.  So we had The Holtgrewe's over and it was a perfect party!  Anya and Eric love David to pieces!  Eric was SOOOO excited to give David his first Light Saber and David was thrilled to get it (He always plays with Eric's when we're at his house.)  David also got a stider bike (balance bike) from Lex and Ryan! ;)  He had a great day and was all smiles.

Make a wish!

Getting every last crumb!

What? You don't eat ice cream with a fork?

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