The McBride's

The McBride's

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


New Year's Eve Day my dad and Ruth had a Whale watching tour AND parasailing so they wanted an chill New Years and I'm all about chill New Year's so we had Nate and Cristine come over after dinner and we just hang out and played games.  My dad and Ruth didn't quite make it up till midnight (seriously my dad went to bed at 11:45! HAHA!  But the kids did of course!  We had some poppers and confetti fireworks plus a great view of some fireworks.  It was a fun easy night!  2015 is going to be great because Travis will be home this year!!!  Plus it's just going to be great because I say so! ;)
Fun group of kids right here!  (Oh David went down at 8.  No one wants to deal with a crabby toddler!)

This girl!! :)

Throwing their poppers.

This picture made me laugh.  The "clean up crew."

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