The McBride's

The McBride's

Monday, February 16, 2015


The Great Aloha Run!  The most popular run on Oahu.  This was the 31st annual run.  It starts at the Aloha Tower (downtown) and ends at the Aloha Stadium.  It's 8.15 miles.  I ran it last year with Travis and had a great time with him but my time was not great.  This year Ashley and I went in to it as a training run for our 10k that is coming up but after the first mile I was feeling so great we decided to go with it (Ashley is a much faster runner than me so when we are staying together she is able to go whatever speed I'm up for!  It makes for a great training partner for me, maybe not so much for her but, she doesn't complain... much.)  I feel like I had the run of my life!  I'm not sure if it's just consistent running, mentally just being ready, adrenaline, knowing Travis was finally coming home, or just all of it combined but the speeds I was going I didn't even realize I could do for that long of a distance.  I'm still not fast.  I still can improve but, dang if this isn't probably the most proud of a run I've been since I finally got my under 30 minute 5k (which by the way is about the pace I kept on this run for 8 miles not just 3!)  This is why I love running.  That feeling of finishing 8 miles and feeling strong and happy and proud...  I just love it!  It was a great run all around for me and finishing next to hundreds of the soldiers in formation was the icing on the cake!

Love that this girl is as obsessed with running as me because it does seem insane to think we pay money to get up stupid early and run on a public street! :) 

Just proof of my time. 1:18:04 that's a 9:35 average per mile. :)
This is a screen shot of my finishing photo.  I would really love to buy it bc my face says it all to me.  How GREAT I felt at the end!!  But the pics are 30 dang dollars!!!  Also proud to finish next to Ashley!

Finishers ready for some good ole Denny's for breakfast!!!!

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