The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Lucky Ryan!  Daddy got home just in time to celebrate her seventh birthday!!  Ryan is our little love bug.  She will hug anyone at anytime.  She will make friends with anyone at anytime.  I'm pretty sure her friends that are boys think she's a boy but her friends that are girls know she is a girl.  She is super easy going and can be calmed down in about 5 seconds flat.  Even with all that she holds her own.  She doesn't let people walk on her at all.  She has her own opinions and she sticks with them when they really matter.  She may invade your personal bubble sometimes but that kid can make your day with her sweetness.  Happy Birthday sweet sweet Ryan Pyper!!
For her party she just wanted legos.  Lego anything and everything.  Super easy party to plan!  She picked a cake at the store (with Trav just getting home this made me super happy.)  We played a couple games, ate pizza, cake, and ice cream, unwrapped presents and spent the rest of the day putting together Legos and playing with friends.  She said she was very happy with her day.  Love this girl to pieces.
Waffles and Strawberries!

Birthday girl (her cute homemade lego favor bags)

One of the games we played... We dumped 500 legos and took turns rolling a dice to see how many legos they got to pick.  We went around the circle till all the legos were gone and then they all got to make whatever they wanted (and take the legos home as part of their favors!)

Working hard!

Ryan had a simple guest list which was Anya, Eric, Hannah, Will, and Lex and David.  My kind of party!
Lego candles and a goofy daddy.

Present time!

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