The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I love my family and I am so excited that we officially just had our last month without Travis!!  He should be home this month and that is the best thing I have said in a whole year! Pictures from January!

Pirate Ryan.  She made her own hat, telescope, and map (stuffed into her shirt!)  Then she said take a picture mom!

This kid can use the phone like no 2 year old should be able to.  He has also mastered the art of a selfie.  This was just 6 of the only 100 pictures of himself I found on my phone one day! 

When you have 2 older sisters and you win Pretty Pretty Princess you get your picture taken.

I never get pictures of Travis and this one is my absolute favorite!

This kid LOVES stickers!  He makes shirts out of them. :)

Look how cute he would be with glasses!!!

I had a day not too long ago.  It was a not good day and this was how it ended!  Wax all over my poor baby.  Luckily scensy is made to not burn and the worse part was pulling it out of his hair! (actually it ended on a good note when Cristine came by with poke and flowers because she knew my day had been terrible!  Love her!)

Ryan seems to have taken to math!  She loves adding and subtracting and even trying to figure out multiplication.  She asked if she could count her money and I came into her room and found this.  She had made a whole math equation out of her money.  CUTIE!

Dress up at Anyas!

Then Lex and Anya came down and said they were TRYING to dress up as ridiculous as possible.  They won.

When he lets me do his hair I DIE!

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