The McBride's

The McBride's

Friday, August 7, 2015


The first thing we had to figure out getting back to the "mainland" was where we were going to live in El Paso!  We knew we wanted to try to buy and needed to get that situated before we started our down time in AZ.  First we had to rent a car to drive to California to pick up Travis's truck.  Then we headed to El Paso (so nice to be able to drive there and leave the kids with family!)  It was actually a lot of fun road tripping with just Travis and looking for a house!  This post and the pictures are pretty random but I want to remember this trip and that's why I keep the blog!! So we were in El Paso for 3 days and found the PERFECT house!  The only problem was it wasn't going to be available as early as we wanted but we decided it would be worth the wait.  We finished the road trip at a hotel/casino in Tucson and they even upgraded us (no idea why) to the skylevel!! Trav planned the whole thing and it was so dang much fun!!! 

Random road trip pics!

The dunes in Yuma on the way to pick up the truck!  So many memories from quad riding in high school with my family!

More memories from childhood!  We passed the Thing on the I10 every time we went to my grandmas house and it was something we looked forward to (probably because they had DQ!)

Heading into El Paso!

The view from our hotel room!

Beautiful room!

Trav even let me order room service for breakfast and yes I took a picture of it. :)

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