The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, August 15, 2015


If it hasn't been made clear yet I, Monica McBride, have fallen completely and totally in love.  With football, with the AZ Cardinals, with everything having to do with the NFL.  I can tell you where I believe it began...  2 years ago Travis came home for R&R from Afghanistan and it happened to be football season.  During R&R we did a LOT of things but for those 2 Sundays we laid around the house snuggled up and he watched football.  Now football has been on before and I have glanced at it but I've never really WATCHED.  Well ya I just loved it.  I grew up as a Suns fan.  My dad loved basketball and I still like it but football has taken over as my favorite sport to watch (professional, of course, my real fave is anything the kids are playing. :) )  I will root for any Arizona team all day long but the Cardinals have my heart (with the PHX Suns as a close second.)  HAHA.  So being in AZ during the beginning of football season (pre-season actually) we knew we had to hit up a game with some other hard core fans Bryatt and Theresa!  We had the BEST time!!!  Perfect date night!! :)
Showed up to Theresa's and knew it was going to be a good night because 2 of my faves were MATCHING!! You all know how much I love matching!

Bryatt and Trav left before us because T had to work.

Everything had Cardinals on it so I took a pic in front of everything. HA!

Theresa got us these tickets and the seats were AMAZING (even if they were on the visitors side.)

3 of my favorite people all around me!

Travis and Bry had different seats so I sat with T during the first half and Trav during the second.

Yep I wasn't about to leave these awesome seats!

I would 100% drive this car.

Seriously can't wait to go to another game!!!

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