The McBride's

The McBride's

Monday, August 24, 2015


Since our house wasn't going to be ready for a couple months and school was starting everything (it actually started the end of July in the school district we were moving into) we went back and forth on what was going to be best to do for the kids.  We talked about staying in a hotel but that is rough for 2 months!  We finally decided to enroll the kids in Mesa.  The best part was they were going to get to go to school with their cousins!  Franklin is a great school but it was a bit ahead of where my girls were when we left Hawaii so I knew it was going to be a bit of a struggle but I also knew I had 2 smart little girls!  We were right.  They struggled a little bit at first but got into the swing of things and when we finally did get to El Paso they had no problems adjusting!  I feel like we made a good decision and these military kids adjusted to both schools amazingly well.  I get emotional thinking about what fantastic kids I have!!  I am also thankful for WONDERFUL teachers!  Both of my girls have had some pretty dang great teachers and I am so thankful for those willing to teach!

Lexi going to 5th grade Ms. Donaldson (followed up at her new school in El paso Ms. Marquez) Also they have middle school here so this is Alexis's last year in elementary. I'm officially OLD! ;)

Our sweet 2nd grader.  Mr. McClay (probably one of Ryan's all time favorite teachers and not just because they had the same first name and the same birthday!) Followed by Mr. Rodriquez who she also really likes!

My sweet kids!

Daddy was even able to take them to their first day which doesn't happen very often!

David also got to go to Preschool with his cousin 2 days a week and he absolutely LOVED going and loved his teacher Ms. Melissa!!!

Is it just me or does he look ready for Kindergarten??

First day of preschool and the silly girl in the middle is JoJo (he LOVES Jo!)

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