The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, April 3, 2011


I figured I've posted the last few times about Lex so now I would show you the many poses of Ryan. She loves to be just like her big sister so when I put this outfit on her and thought she was just adorable I asked if she would smile for a picture and this is what I got! I also have to mention that I bought this shirt for Alexis when she was Ryan's age and Ryan was a baby and she had a matching shirt! Now she fits in this one and I just can't believe how big my kids are getting!! I absolutely love this girl! And now a shameless plug... My friend and neighbor Lori has started a shop on etsy. She has some adorable stuff (bags, shirts, aprons, kids placemats, etc.) She made this shirt for Ryan and I think it's ADORABLE! I also happen to know she just got a new embroidery machine so be on the look out for some great new additions!! Click here for her etsy shop and here for her FB page.


Cristine said...

Ry is ABSOLUTELY adorable! Love all the poses! I totally remember Lexie in that shirt and it is weird that Ry can wear her stuff now!

The Grows said...

She is getting so dang big. I know that she is growing up because Lexi is growing up too but I just keep thinking of her the way I saw her last. STOP GROWING UP GIRLS!!!!!!

Sew Blessed said...

thank you for the shameless plug! :)