The McBride's

The McBride's

Monday, April 25, 2011


We have been SOOO busy lately which I really do love but we were all ready for some downtime. Easter was the perfect day to stay home and just be together. The girls and I went to church and the Easter Bunny came while we were gone. We have 9 AM church and I knew it would be a little much to add in Easter basket searching in to our crazy Sunday mornings. After church they looked for their baskets and then Ryan took a nap. Once Ryan woke up we colored Easter eggs, had an egg hunt, and Travis helped the girls plant some plants that Mary gave them while I made dinner (ham, bacon wrapped asparagus, and hashbrown casserole.) We had a great day.

Their gardening bags from Mary! THANK YOU MARY! THey LOVED them!

Ryan found her basket in the oven!

Getting it out.

Lexi doing her happy dance when she found hers.

She needed a little help. That is one tall Easter bunny!

Lexi getting help from Travis coloring her eggs.

Ryan multitasking. Coloring an egg while eating one!

At Christmas I had bought these dresses for the girls but when Grandma Kerry sent some other cute ones I decided to save these for Easter. So we had a photo shoot. Half with Travis, half with me! :) Once again I LOVE dressing up my girls! :)


Cristine said...

CUTE!!!!! I love that you guys hide your baskets... we may have to do that next year! :)

Love their dresses! Anya has one similar, only it is 3/4 sleeves.



Such beautiful girls! That is a great idea, hiding the baskets. I agree with Cristine, we might have to incorporate that into our tradition. :)

Millers! said...

Love the dresses.. so so cute... I forgot that you hid the baskets, I will definitely remember that!

The Grows said...

SOOOOOO cute. I love seeing your girls all dressed up!!!!It sounds like you guys had a great Easter.