The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, April 30, 2011


The month of April they celebrated the month of the military child. All month long they have been doing "Movie Under the Stars." Every Friday was a different movie and they had a huge screen set up outside and had free popcorn and you brought your own chairs and blankets. We only went once (we saw Tangled again!) The girls thought it was great and I love that they were doing something for the kids b/c they deserve it! Last night was the last movie night and before the movie they had a traveling zoo! There was a white tiger, monkeys, kangaroos, ponies, camels and some I'm sure I'm forgetting. They even had a magic show, shaved ice, popcorn, and cotton candy and the best part? FREE! :) I really appreciate all the great free activities we have available to us! Their favorite part by far was riding the ponies and the camel. We didn't stay for the movie afterwards b/c it was Yogi Bear and I'm not sure my girls are the right age to really enjoy that one but we did get to go over to the Shomakers and play games and have a great Friday night!

I'm not sure if it's the sunglasses or the hair or what but I LOVE this picture of Alexis. She just looks so cute! (Her hair was curled b/c we had dance pictures right before. I'll post some of those soon when I get them back.)
Ry loving on the camel. This camel was SOOO gentle. He was just nuzzling and loving on the kids.

Lexi petting him. My kids so LOVE animals.

More Shomakers and McBride's. This time rocking the sunglasses. And I love Lex snuggling up to Wylie.

On the camel! (Ryan, Makayla, Lex, and Wylie.) Nicolai was not a fan so he didn't want to ride but we ran into our neighbor Makayla and they loved getting to ride all together.

Pony ride. Just the right size for Ry. :)

Alexis wasn't excited at all. Can't you tell??! :)

Great night!


Brad and Erica said...

Look at Ry on that pony! It looks like a blast! Annika was terrified at the thought of riding a horse last time she had the chance. I wish we were there to play with you guys!

Cristine said...

Seriously LOVE that first pic of Lex! I know you keep telling me she isn't that tall but I swear she looks HUGE!!!!!

Looks like the kids had so much fun!

The Grows said...

That looks like so much fun!!! LExi would have loved that. I miss all the nice stuff the military does for you for free. But hey, you guys deeserve it.

Anna said...

That's a great thing about the military! It's so great they have those programs. Fun pictures!!