The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, April 10, 2011


The Atlanta temple has been going through renovations since before we got to GA. It's finally done and we got the chance to go with our ward to see it before it was re-dedicated. What a beautiful peaceful place to spend our Saturday with our friends. It was a nice day. After we went through we spent some time just sitting in the grass and taking pictures. Shomakers and McBrides! (Nic, Wylie, Alexis, and Ryan) It's fun to have boys around the same age as our girls.

My girls really enjoyed the temple. Alexis was slightly concerned that we weren't all wearing white but I was able to explain that was okay. :) Wylie and Lex.
Me and my girls.
Everyone from the ward that was able to go.

Ry and Nic (totally NOT posed.)

Ry loves holding hands!


Cristine said...

Great pictures!!!

The Grows said...

SO cute I love the non posed one of Ry. To cute!!! I am so glad you guys all got to go down and go through, how fun.

Millers! said...

Love love love the pics.. that is a beautiful Temple!

Trishelle said...

YAYAYA!! I can't wait to come up for a temple trip! Wanna join us?!