The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, April 16, 2011


We loved going to the Eggstravaganza last year on post so we decided to go again this year! The girls loved doing the Easter Egg Hunt and both of them went by themselves this time and did a great job! They are getting so big and independent! We loved meeting up and playing with all our friends, sitting with the Easter bunny, jumping on the bouncy castle, making a bracelet and necklace and enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weather (even after a tornado scare last night!) Alexis also had a dance performance in between the activities. She did a great job and a HUGE thank you to Melanie for getting pictures so I could take video AND Joanna for holding Ryan so I could move and get better video!! Lexi did a great job and we had a great day sunburns and all! :)
Yay they BOTH sat with the Easter bunnies with no crying!

Okay seriously I say girls smile and they make 500 different poses! They are little camera hogs!

Ryan picking up her eggs!

Very proud!

Lexi's turn.

She was pretty proud!

Ballet dance!

First position after the dance!

My sweet Dancer.


Cristine said...

Awwww!!!! What great pics!!!! They look like they had a blast! I love that they are both smiling with the Easter Bunny!

Lexie is a cutie pie ballerina! Where is the video?????

Trishelle said...

These are great pics!! Your girls are so cute...Spring pics are so awesome!

By the way, I'm so very glad you guys are safe! Those have been some scary storms lately!


I love all your pictures! It's been too long since I went blog-hopping. Your cutie pies are growing so fast! Yikes, so are mine!

The Grows said...

Love it!!!