The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Since Travis is the only boy in his family and just had his first boy we really wanted Dave to bless David.  So Dave and Kerry made a trip out to GA.  It was only for the weekend but the girls LOVED having them here.  We tried to watch Travis jump on Saturday but the weather didn't cooperate so his parents got to experience another Army thing which was hurry up, wait around, and have nothing happen. HA!  Kerry and I went Saturday afternoon to go school shopping for Lexi and then Sunday was just spent going to church, hanging out, and a trip to urgent care (Lexi with yet another UTI...)  I am so greatful I have such wonderful in-laws!

Grandma Kerry and Lexi goofing around in Target.

Papa goofing around with Trav's gear.  I LOVE this picture by the way! :)
Grandma Kerry and David.  By the way this is the blessing outfit Travis wore for his blessing.  I was THRILLED that Kerry thought to use it!!!

Trav is going to kill me but don't pose like that for pics and I won't use them!! :)

Big boy!

3 generations!

Had to get a pic of this cute sleeper Kerry brought and Ryan really felt she needed to be in the pic too!

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Cristine said...

Oh my goodness... I don't even know where to start!!!! I literally cracked up when I read what you wrote on that pic of Trav and David! HILARIOUS!!!!! Also the pic of Dave in Trav's gear is awesome! Oh, and how cool is it that David wore Trav's blessing outfit????? LOVE LOVE LOVE