The McBride's

The McBride's

Friday, August 17, 2012


Nana Mary got to come visit again and this time she brought Quinn! :)  We had a ton of fun swimming (a lot!)  Going to Callaway, and watching Rangers In Action.  It was so nice to have Mary here and the girls LOVED having Quinn come.  Hopefully, George and Colleen can make it next time since it will be Hawaii after all (hint hint Bean family!)
The pool crew.  Note Quinn with his Sonic drink I get everyone addicted HA!
This is what David does at the pool.  He is SOOOO easy!  He loves being warm (takes after his momma) so poolside is a great place for him.

He is SOOOOO sweet with the girls.  These are the cute dresses Mary got them but they say Quinn got them and they wear them every chance they get!
Rangers In Action

Testing out the gear!
This is what happens when you are at the lake and it starts POURING.  The moms have to grab all the stuff and run and kids play chess in the rain with out a care in the world.
4 great kids!


Cristine said...

So glad Mary & Quinn got to visit... looks like you all had a blast!!!

The Grows said...

So fun, I love great visits from great friends. Wish I was coming to visit. I am saving for Hawaii, I actually have a descent amount saved up already. I am totally making it to see you and Ctistine, even if I have already been to your island.