The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, August 16, 2012


It's been way too long since  I've posted.  Part of that is because I now have 3 kids and while everything is great, everything is also much crazier!!! But part of that is I could not for the life of me get pictures to be the right way!!  Blogspot was making me crazy.  I finally sat down for about an hour and figured it out!!!  Grrrr....  So we're going back to 4th of July.  We went with Rebecca, Jeff, and baby Jeff to downtown Columbus.  While the girls loved the fireworks I will NEVER go again. We spent double the time parking and getting down to the fireworks than we spent watching the fireworks and about 3 times as long trying to get HOME!  Oh well you know I'll take any excuse to dress up my girls and now David is in on it too! :)


Cristine said...

Seriously, the girls CRACK ME UP!!!!! Love them so much! And David is a mini-Trav which makes me feel a little weird because I think he is soooo stinkin' cute! hahaha Love you all! Can't wait to spend the 4th together next year!

The Grows said...

Love all the pictures. You kids are so dang cute. I love how boy david looks. No one should ever mistake him for a baby girl, he is all boy. :)