The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Since my mom was visiting we decided to have Lexi's birthday party.  We told her we were going to have a small party and she chose to have it at Chuck E Cheese of course.  I'm not going to lie I love that they like going there.  First, because I love going but second, it's so EASY!  They take care of everything and I just show up! :)  So we invited Dak, Ayden, and Brady and they all had a blast.  Thank you everyone for coming and they great gifts. Lexi has been so into crafts that's what everyone got her and she was very happy!  Travis and I after a lot of discussion got her a kindle.  We found a great deal and the kid loves to read so in the long run it's going to be cheaper b/c Kindle books are way cheaper.  She was so excited.  I love how much she loves to read!

Ryan loves the little mini rides.  She's very good about jumping on rides that someone else put a coin into so she doesn't have to use her coins! HAHA! 

Lexi and Ayden I LOVE this picture!
Dak and Ayden.  That is SO Dak!
The whole party!
Lexi in the ticket blaster.  She was DETERMINED she was going to get the special 1000 ticket and she DID!  She walked in stepped right on it.  As soon as it started she picked it up and put it right in her shirt.  She was so proud. :)
Showing her loot.

My little girl is SEVEN!  Unbelieveable.
Sweet sisters


Here's where David was the whole time!

She knew immediately what it was!

Not related to her bday but the last day my mom was here I woke up to breakfast and my "flowers" the girls had made all week with my mom.  They were so proud and it was really cute.

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Cristine said...

LOVE her dress!!!! So cute! :) I can't believe the girls are 7... time is flying!