The McBride's

The McBride's

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


This is totally random pictures from June.  And yes, they are mostly of David.  He's growing the most and he's not in as many of the "activity shots" so it's okay! :)
Ryan said this was David's snorkel.  He thinks it's hilarious!

They love to help, play, and especially make David LAUGH!

Sweet Boy

Eric has been teaching David the way of the boy Light Sabers and all!

A new favorite past time in and out of Tuckers kennel sometimes he gets in WITH Tuck.

This was post sleep over while watching some morning cartoons.  I love how they included David. All 4 of them spoil him rotten with attention!

David bonding with Tara waiting for Cristine to get home from a run.

Prisoner Baby

The jump rope divides the room I think Ryan got the better end of the deal especially since she has the side with the door!

Father's Day gift for Trav! HA!

Just so sweet when they sleep!

Future Piano Player just like Dad!

Lexi loves to have David by her on the couch even if he only stays for .2 seconds!

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