The McBride's

The McBride's

Monday, January 6, 2014


Halloween was basically 2 weeks of parties, fun, and way too much sugar!!  In other words it was exactly how Halloween is supposed to be.  We started it out at a party at one of Lexi's friends house.  They painted pumpkins, became mummies, bowled, and played some Halloween bingo.  Even Senna's dog Choco Taco dressed up (as a TACO!) David LOVED him. 
All the kids at the party.

Cristine and I dress up by wearing orange and black.  That counts right?? Hey she has a pumpkin headband too.

Mummy Ryan.

Mummy Lexi.

Painting our cool white pumpkins we got at the pumpkin patch.
Lexi's finished pumpkin.  Loved her butterfly.  She is such an artist.
Ryan's finished work.  She also LOVES to color, paint, draw, anything she can.

Next up was a trunk or treat at the church.  They had fun going through a haunted house (really it was a fun house) getting candy and playing with their friends.  2 of the wards combined for these so there were quite a few people and they got quite a bit of candy!!

Lexi's friends Kayla and Keely are twins and the whole family was cowboys and Indians and they decorated the car and everything.  SO cute and creative!  (The opposite of me! I just brought my bowl of candy and passed it out as we walked!)

Every piece he would get he would sit down on the ground and try to eat it.  HAHA!
Up next was the actual night of Halloween!  The hills over by our house are pretty intense so instead of listening to the kiddos complain about being tired we headed down to trick or treat with Cristine and family.  Lexi knew right off the bat she wanted to be a fairy (Like her books she loves to read.) So when she saw the watermelon fairy it was no question.  Ryan chose a witch which worked out well since I already had the costume.  And since I couldn't convince them to all match and be smurfs I chose for David to be the greatest costume ever Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle! (seriously I'm obsessed!)  They had a great night and got way too much candy but I think their favorite part was passing the candy out to other kids. 

Crawling out of the sewer??!!  HAHAHA!  My fave pic!

The crew. 

We had a ridiculous amount of candy!  I got rid of a lot of it by taking it to my church kids! :)

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