The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Oh this little man is such a blessing to our family.  The girls are so sweet with him and he just loves them like crazy!  Here are some random pictures of David from October...
Cutest boy in a bow tie ever!

Trying some whipped cream (Travis basically had to force this into his mouth before he decided he liked it and started begging for more!)

This was at another one of the Ocean Clinics.  David and his buddy Evan.

He's ready!

Everytime one of the girls is in time out (especially if they're crying) David runs next to them and stand in time out and pretend cries.

Ya he already knows all about technoloy.

Proof that I FINALLY have a child who likes enchiladas!

Cute baby at the pool.

Doesn't everyone put these things on their feet while their moms are cooking dinner??

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Cristine said...

The time out picture is the BEST!