The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


 Random October pictures of Alexis and Ryan!  Love these 2 and how great they are to each other!

Crazy Hair Day at school.  They both told me EXACTLY what they wanted!

Travis got a random weekday off during Fall Break so we hit up our favorite lagoon!
Playing in the sand!

Both girls snorkeling.  They absolutely love this beach.  I mean how could they not.  It's beautiful.
They were invited to a Disney Party and again they both knew exactly how they were going to dress up.  Lexi was Pooh and Ryan was Ariel! (We don't have as much dress up as we once did but they made due.)

Over Fall Break the girls needed haircuts.  Ryan REALLY wanted to cut it short and I love that she has her own ideas.  She looks ADORABLE!

Lexi made sure she got just a TRIM!  She wants it longer and longer.  Sweet girlie.

This cracked me up and I want to remember this.  I tell Lexi she can take 2 books to school but one day her back pack was really heavy.  I dumped it out and here is what I found.  That is one school reading book (she didn't have reading homework!) 2 Diary of a whimpy kid, 1 Dork Diaries, 3 Boxcar Children, and a Choose your Own Adventure.  The girl can NOT get enough books!

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