The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Back in July Travis and I hiked Koko Head and if you remember that post I said one day before I leave I WILL do it twice!  In November Nate offered to watch David while Cristine and I went hiking.  (Travis was at work and the girls had school.) However it was an early release day so we only had time to do it once (it takes about an hour to get there from where we live.) We had a ton of fun (yes our definition of fun may need to be examined) and promised we would get back to do it twice in a row. 
A few weeks later Travis had the day off and we decided it was time!  Oh my word was it tough to get up there that second time.  My favorite part by FAR was seeing people who were coming back down when we were going up the second time and they would say, "Wait didn't you just come down?"  We would say yes and they would say WHY?  And we would laugh.  It's a tough climb and the second time was killer but I would absolutely do it again (and maybe even try for that 3rd half a time to be cool like Bryatt.)  On the way back down the second time I fell (I was probably going down totally wrong since I was so tired and going down is almost worse than going up.) I landed on my ankle and it was pretty swollen and the top of my foot is still sore.  It was still absolutely AWESOME!!  4,192 steps in one day.  Perfect!
I just love this pic of Cristine admiring the view.

Hawaii Kai

This was the first time we did it together.

My least favorite part.  This is the bridge.  I'm really not scared of heigts but you have to go over this part and there is nothing below you and it makes me NERVOUS!  I feel like I conquered it but I am definitely slow!

Round 1! Tired but only 1/4 of the way through it for this day.

NUMERO DOS.  Still smiling (clearly b/c this is before I twisted my ankle!)  Love my workout buddy.  Cristine's goal is to hike Koko Head 10 times (at least) before she leaves Hawaii.  She's at 5 and I'm at 4.  I think we can do it!!

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Cristine said...

I've never seen that pic of me at the top... I LOVE IT! And I love you! And I love that our "fun" is climbing thousands of stairs. And I also love that the last sentence wasn't an exaggeration. hahaha :)