The McBride's

The McBride's

Monday, May 25, 2015


Nic was already planning on trying to come to visit once more before we left Hawaii but when she found out about this yearly lantern ceremony they do here she knew she had to make it in for this.  Every year on Memorial Day they do this HUGE lantern release at Ala Moana beach.  Thousands of people come and they get a paper lantern where they write notes to loved ones that have died and release the lanterns out into the ocean.  It's a very cool thing to see and although I NEVER would have fought that kind of crowd to see it under normal circumstances I am glad I was able to see it while we were here and I couldn't have gone with a better person.  Not only was it Memorial Day it was the actual anniversary of Doug's death.  It was extremely emotional to see Nic and Dak (and also another friend of Nic's that is a gold star spouse with a daughter Lexi and Dak's age) write their notes and let their lanterns go but also beautiful... 
You had to be there at 10 to get a lantern but parking is terrible in this area and the release wasn't until sundown so we just hung out at the beach all day so these kids were a little crazy by dinner time! :)  They had fun together.

This shot Trav got could not be more perfect.  Love these 2.

It was beautiful to see all the lanterns.

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