The McBride's

The McBride's

Friday, May 22, 2015


These 2 girls are so incredibly lucky to go to school in Hawaii!  They get to experience all the cool cultural aspects of Hawaii!  One of those things is May Day!  May Day is just the celebration of Spring and leis and flowers and all the schools do fun performances. At Alexis and Ryan's school each grade performs a different song as well as the hula club.  It's a little long but I really love the May Day celebration!  So cute!  Plus it's basically a given that most of the kids are taken out of school for the rest of the day!  Always a plus in my book!  As a bonus Trav was off that day so he was able to watch this year!
Alexis's song was a Hawaiian song and they did the cutest Hula dance.  They got to wear cute Hawaiian clothes with flowers in their hair and leis!

Lex and her friend Naomi

Ryan did a dance to the "Taro Patch Twist" they wore rolled up jeans and slippahs!  I love her friend Zachary photo bombing in the back ground!

Ryan and Will!

Ryan is ready to bust out the moves!

She had the twist down!

Alexis going to start.

She did some cute hula moves!

Not only did Trav get to come but Nic flew in the day before so she came to watch too!!


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