The McBride's

The McBride's

Friday, May 29, 2015


Nic's request for her visit was basically beach and hike and more beaching and more hiking!  Travis was still doing his class so he kept David so we could head out on a little bit longer trail.  Aiea Loop is an easier hike but about 5 miles long so we took the 3 older kids and headed out!  It was a beautiful trail with great trees and things too look at even though I love view "pay off" type hikes I really enjoyed this one and it did have a cool view of the H3 (one of the 3 highways that runs through Oahu and the one that is my favorite drive on the island!) 
Trying to get a pic of the trail name and Ryan runs in the pic.

Then all 3 of them joined in.

This was the beginning of the hike.  We left David so we were able to take Tucker! (It's hard to have David and Tucker at the same time unless Travis is there to help!)

These 3 are very good together and great hikers!

Off the beaten path.  This wasn't the trail but the kids had to go to the top to see what was up there (Ok so maybe I did too!) 

Off the trail again.  I love how kids play when we hike.  Dak was the knight and Ryan was the princess I believe at this point.  Later on we were fairies... :)

A girl and her dog. Lex loves holding Tucker's leash when we have him.

The H3

My sweetie RyPy

More H3 with Nic!

Selfie stick pic with the whole crew.

And because we must have looked so awkward taking our selfie some nice people offered to take a pic for us!

Yup this one is a bit spoiled by her Nicky!

Some of my favorite goof balls!

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