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The McBride's

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Beware the picture overload!!  There are a ton from this hike and I wanted to share them all because it was a beautiful hike and probably the hardest (although not the longest) hike I have done with the kids.  We did this hike on a Saturday (after a 12 mile training run!  I was EXHAUSTED! HA!) Travis has been taking another class so he needed the quiet to get his paper done.  I'm so proud of him but hate when he can't go because I know how much he loves hiking!
This was a 3.5 mile hike and there were quite a few steep parts.  David even hiked almost all of this one on his own and there was very little complaining (note I said very little not none!)  By the end of this one Ryan was about done too so I think we definitely found these kids limit.  This one is Waimano Falls and the Falls at the end were breathtaking.  The hard part about this one is most of the downhill is on the way to the falls so coming back is the tough part.  There is even one part that is pretty steep and full of tree roots that has been nicknames cardiac hill.  It got my heart pumping for sure.  For some reason the harder parts are the parts my kids seem to thrive on.  Anyone know why that is??  Anyways beautiful hike with some great moms and kids.  There were 10 of us all together.  3 moms and 7 kids.  We were quite a site and we had quite a few comments and looks of "those women may be crazy." haha!  Great day!
David said this was his hiking stick only it was so short he had to bend way over to make it touch the ground. HAHA!

At the falls.  These pics are in absolutely no order!  Ryan and her goofy poses! And as always SHAKA!

David LOVES getting in the water at the falls!

6 out of 7 of the kids.

The crazy moms.

My little family.  It was a beautiful day so it was pretty crowded.  We stayed at the bottom of the falls and watched everyone jump in.  There was a bigger section of the falls up above this area.

Ryan told me she made her own grass skirt!

Part of the trail.

This was a part of the steep part!  Very impressed with all the kids.

He usually wants me to help him at all times but this was one of the times he let Ashley hold his hand (which gives me a bit of a break!)

It's always so green!

Crazy but fun moms! :)

Lex and Hannah chillin watching people jump!

Great shot of the splash from a jumper.  The water is actually deeper than it looks.

The upper part of the falls.  You can tell it hadn't been raining as much which was helpful for the hiking part because it wasn't as muddy!

Looking down from the top of the falls you can see Ryan way down there.

David rode for maybe a half mile total in the carrier but there were a few parts I couldn't have him in there because he was throwing off my balance and it was easier to climb the rocks holding his hand.  He didn't complain at all and he loves to jump off the rocks we climb.

A hiking day is always a happy day!

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