The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, May 24, 2015


This is probably the last half marathon I will get to do in Hawaii... :(  I guess it's only appropriate since it was also the first half I ever ran 2 years ago and I'm so glad I got to do it three times while living here!  It's a great race with some challenging hills but some sweet sweet down hills as well!  The best part?!  I got to PR AGAIN!  Only this time I feel like I had the race I know I've been capable of for a while! 
 Another awesome part?  Nic flew in just in time to run it with me!  Last year she got here right after the race and though she's ran for years she's never done a half so we stayed together for the first 11.5 miles and she still had some energy left so she went ahead of me!  Ashley decided to really go for it and she finished her third marathon with an amazing PR as well!  It was most definitely a great day for all 3 of us!!  I didn't even start feeling it till mile 10 when Nic said to me, "ya it's only fun till about mile 10."  We were laughing about that when another girl came up behind us and said I need some of your energy can I run with you?  So she did for last 3 miles of the race and we were all just chatting away which made it that much easier!  Ah I want to go back to this day!
My fun run nail has to be documented!

I thought our shirts were so super cute!!

Nic was less than thrilled about the 3:30 wake up!  Do we look tired?  Also my cute shirt this race was a birthday present from Cristine and it says Never Mess with a Woman who Runs 13.1 miles for fun! :)

Ugh race pics are awful and this was at the top of the hardest hill of the race but I love it because it's me and Nic and the girl in the back was our new found friend!!

My time!  2:08:20 makes and average pace of 9:48 which is a decently respectable time! :)

Love that they had a PR bell at the end!  I rang the heck out of it!

All 3 of us PRed!  Nic's PR was running the race for the first time!! ;)

After the race Ashley and I introduced Nic to Denny's except Nic loves her spaghetti after a race so she had spaghetti at Denny's at 9 am! HAHA! LOVE IT!!

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