The McBride's

The McBride's

Monday, March 4, 2013


Surprise surprise more hiking pictures!!  We have pretty much taken advantage of any morning Lexi doesn't have school and Travis doesn't have to work. :)  This was Pu'u Pia and it was a nice easy trail.  I swear these girls were born to hike!   Lexi never says a word just stays right up with Travis in the front.  Ryan will occasionally say she needs a break and she stops for a minute and the troops on!  And David is just as easy as alwasys.  As shown in the picture below.  I truly hope I never get "used" to where I am living!
Plenty of snack and water breaks of course.

The trail.
One of the views (Honolulu)
The other view from the top.

This was fun.  Trav setting a timer trying to get the whole family plus Tucker.  Pretty much love this picture!
The girls love taking Tucker.

I love my family.

See easy as can be!

Just beautiful.


Cristine said...

I LOVE the pic of all of you!!!!! AWESOME!

The Grows said...

I love hiking. Wish we could come of the hikes with you. Love the family picture.