The McBride's

The McBride's

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Back to our regularly scheduled programing! This place is called Maunawilli Falls.  Trav and I had heard mixed reviews on if it was kid friendly or not so we went to check it out first.  The hiking part isn't too bad at all but it was SUPER muddy (Tucker was almost all brown before Travis washed him off in the falls.) Mud=slippery so we may wait a bit before taking the kids.  Or at least David b/c we both almost fell a few times and having David on his back is probably not a great idea!  The end result was BEAUTIFUL of course.  When we first got there, there were hardly any people so we got some great pictures and then it got packed and we got to watch all the braver people jump!!  There were a couple girls Lexi's age that jumped and I was pretty impressed (though not sure I could have let Lexi jump maybe I'm paranoid...)  We'll be doing this hike again for sure!
This was our drive to the hike. Taken with my phone and from the car.  The drive was almost as great as the hike!

Tuck and I chilling at the bottom of the falls.

This picture truly does it no justice...

This cute bird was keeping us company.

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