The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


How about a change of pace.  Instead of hiking pictures here are some beach pictures!  When we're not hiking we're pretty much at the beach!  Hawaii cost of living is NOT cheap but I love that all of our favorite things to do are free!!  Ko Olina is defintely our favorite place to go when the husbands have to work b/c there are not many waves and the kids can go play even though I have to stay back on the beach with David (I say HAVE to loosely b/c I atually prefer to lay on the beach! :))
Anya, Lexi, and a sweet new friend Senna!

Anya LOVES David! 

We love the beach! (This is our other favorite beach White Plains.)

Action shot! Running from the waves!

Ya unplanned all wearing blue!

David loves the beach, being in the sun, and eating sand! HA!

Gotta get this picture of some pretty cute looking ladies!!


Cristine said...

LOVE our beach life!!!!

The Grows said...

Cute ladies indeed!!!!