The McBride's

The McBride's

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


My brother got leave for the month of February so he decided to spend a week of it here with us!!  (He's in the airforce stationed in Germany.)  I thought he was coming to explore Hawaii and felt bad b/c Travis was going to be in the field for a good portion of his time but he was content just hanging at the beach with the kiddos.  He kinda loves his nieces and nephew. :)  One place I've been wanting to check out but Travis is NOT interested is the Dole Plantation.  So we decided to take Nate.  It wasn't a big deal but it was cheap and a fun day activity so I think we'll go back (especially for some more Dole Whip YUM!)
Dole Maze.  There were 9 check points and we found TWO!  It's a HUGE maze.  David got a little crabby but the girls thought it was great!

Train Ride!

Pineapple girls.

Dole whip= DOLE-Licious.  See what I did there?  ;)

The garden was beautiful but I won't bore you with too many pics of the flowers...

Just one more.

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Cristine said...

The pic of David in the pineapple is HILARIOUS!!!! And Dole-licious... awesome!