The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, March 24, 2013


I've been SO excited to share this post!  Before Cristine and I got pregnant with Anya and Lexi we used to run together and SAID we wanted to try running a half marathon.  Then we got pregnant.  Then pregnant again.  Then we moved away from each other (and I got pregnant again! :)) Then we moved apart... :(  Fast Forward 8 years later and we've registered for the Hibiscus Half Marathon the end of May. We started training for a 10k and Cristine found one for us to run!  (Bonus:  A lot of it is the same route that the half marathon will be so we realized we will need to do some hill training since there were a few pretty good hills!)  My first EVER race.  I am ADDICTED!!  It was so incredibly fun!  The adrenaline was so high!  Was I fast?  No.  Did I zone out so bad sometime after mile 4 that I don't remember much of the last 2 miles?  Yep.  Did Cristine have to tell me more than once let's go you can do this?  Absolutely.  Was it worth it?  100%  And we finished.  Together.  I even left her hanging on a highfive because I had to book it straight to the bathroom.  (I blame my 3 children! :))  I can not wait to cross this off my bucket list and continue to run 5k's, 10k's, and whatever else I can find!  For the record I ran 6 miles again yesterday and I have already built up more endurance after only 3 weeks b/c I didn't feel like I was going to die until about the 5.5 mark. :)  I am so thankful to be in Hawaii back with Cristine!
Before shot with our socks.  Don't be jealous.

Lined up ready to go!

We were right in the middle of the pack.  There were about this many people behind us as well.

After with our roses.  I'm telling Travis how much I rock! :)

Not sure why I'm holding my phone all weird!

This was the view we had for most of the race.  Ya we have it rough...

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Brad and Erica said...

You guys are awesome! Way to go! Do you run when Travis and Nate are home with the kids? I really need to work out more... but I'm just not sure of a good way to to it with my girls at home all the time.